Being inspired by Bec Judd and her twins' Stina's Style ActivityPlayMat, we decided this year to design and create some more limited edition Christmas inspired toys.

We put the call out if you prefer natural or metallic decorations and the verdict was: NATURAL....... but, we couldnt help ourselves and created some funky metallic toys too.


Check out the Christmas Bundle, which is THE must have FIRST Christmas present for any baby. ;-) Once Christmas is over, you can change your Christmas toys to our best selling playmat toys.


Our Christmas Toy Sets come with three toys and three baby links to hang the toys off your PlayMats, prams or cots. There is Rudi the rattling Reindeer, Klara the cringling Angel and the jingling Bell. The Christmas toys come gift wrapped, so all you have to do is gift it to the lucky baby or parents to be.