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Reusable Baby Cino Cup- Unicorn

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Uberfabulous, uberindependant, Uma Unicorn is a true adventurer, chasing neon rainbows the world over and leaving a whirlwind of admirers in her wake. She maintains a strict, no-photograph policy so this picture was drawn from memory alone – we think it’s pretty close to the real deal but only Uma can confirm or deny.

100 wonderful facts about unicorns:

  • A unicorn is a mythical creature similar to a horse with a single horn.
  • The word unicorn means “one-horn”.
  • Unicorns are typically described white, but actually, they can be any colour – even neon like Uma.
  • A baby unicorn is called a sparkle.
  • Unicorn’s eyes are sky blue or purple.
  • When two unicorn families meet, they express great joy and travel together for weeks.
  • The head of the family is an elder Unicorn who is hundreds of years old.

Enjoy friends!



  • made from bamboo
  • biodegradable
  • naturally BPA and PVC free
  • dishwasher safe
  • do not microwave




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