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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton - What’s the big deal?

You have probably seen the words ‘Organic’ or ‘Organic Cotton’ used a thousand times by some of your favourite clothing/textile brands, and you may be wondering what all of the hype is truly about? What makes Organic cotton farming so different to standard cotton farming? Well we are so proud to take part in the ‘organic revolution' and we are about to share WHY! 
Buy less, choose well, make it last.
 There are so many benefits to buying organic cotton products but lets start with the ones that may directly effect you and your baby:
  •  Less irritating for babies naturally sensitive skin.
  • Organic cotton is incredibly soft to touch.
  • You can feel good knowing you are helping to create a better future for you little loves.
But the benefits extend far beyond yours and your babies health and lifestyle. Other benefits include:
  • Organic cotton farming requires far less water for manufacturing.
  • The crops aren’t treated with harmful chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers or GMO’s.
  • Farming and production is much safer for farmers, workers and consumers health due to lack of above chemicals.
  • Better for the environment and more sustainable.
Now that we know all of the benefits to buying organic. Below are some of the features of our own Organic ActivityPlayMat Bundles! 
  1. Organic Cotton Fabric.
Incredibly soft to touch and currently available in two colour ways: Forest Green/Grey and Natural/Grey.
  1. Organic Accessories.
No plastic here! All of the accessories that come with our Organic Bundles are made with organic cotton, natural hemp rope/string & organic wooden rings.
  1. Australian wool wadding.
We tried and tested organic wadding for the center of our mats but unfortunately it didn’t stand up to our quality standards and fell apart easily. Whilst organic is important, so is the quality of our products! So we got the next best thing and went with LOCAL sustainable Australian wool wadding!
  1. The little details.
We wanted to create these products with as many little details concidered as possible. So even the cotton thread is organic!
  1. Asthetic.
We think the textures and colours of our Organic mats have something super special about them. They are the perfect addition to a natural or neutral nursery/playroom/loungeroom.
So if you love Organic, or perhaps are discovering a new found love for organic products, let us know in the comments below or even on our instagram, what other colours or styles you want to see us create using the deliciousness that is organic cotton!
You can find our organic products
Instagram: @stinasstyle

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