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Stina's Style's Top Baby Names of 2019

Stina's Style's Top Baby Names of 2019

Top 20 baby names - 2019!

At Stina’s Style, we know one of the problems soon-to-be parents face is choosing the perfect name for your newest little love. It can be a little daunting finding a name that all family members love, and getting everyone to agree can be a challenge! We are here to help!! Listed below are our top 20 Boys, Girls & Unisex names for 2019! Also check out our Facebook or Instagram as we often list our favourite names and ask you to tell us your favourites too!
Top tips for choosing the perfect name:
  • Say the full name out loud, first name, middle name, surname. Try the first and surname together too. Write it down in full and just the initials.
  • Write a list of your favourite names somewhere that is accessible - like a notes section in your phone. That way you can add to it on the spot when you hear something you like!
  • DON’T ask your extended family members if they like it, there's always someone who won't agree! 
  • Research name meanings and consider the origin - an ode to your heritage would be cute!
Here are the best GIRLS names of 2019! 
1. Luna
Origin; Latin
Meaning;  Moon.
2. Elodie Origin; French
Meaning; Foreign riches
3. Mila
Origin; Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian
Meaning; Dear, Pleasant.
4. Lottie
Origin; French
Meaning; Tiny, Feminine
5. Florence 
Origin; Latin
Meaning; To flower
6. Talulah
Origin; Native American
Meaning; Leaping water
7. Harlow
Origin; Anglo-Saxon
Meaning; A hill
And for the boys…
  1. Luca
Origin; Italian
Meaning; Bringer of light
  1. Romeo
Origin; Italian
Meaning; Of the Romans
  1. Beau 
Origin; French
Meaning; Handsome
  1. Finley
Origin; Irish
Meaning; Fair haired, Courageous one.
  1. Zion
Origin; Hebrew
Meaning; Highest point
  1. Theo
Origin; Greek
Meaning; Brave
  1. River
Origin; Nature
Meaning; Water
Unisex names are the best!
  1. Bailey
Origin; English
Meaning; Law enforcer
  1. Dallas
Origin; Irish
Meaning; Skilled
  1. Quinn
Origin; Irish
Meaning; Descendent of Conn
  1. Blakely
Origin; English
Meaning; Dark wood, Clearing.
  1. Rory
Origin; Irish
Meaning; Red ruler, Chief.
So there we have our favourite names of 2019. Tell us below if you chose one of the names above or if you have a name you think should be on our list! If not, we hope you find the perfect name for your new little love and we hope this little blog has helped!
Much love, Linda & Chloe.

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