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Highchair cup holder

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We love the IKEA, Target, Kmart and BIG W highchairs. 

They're portable and practical.  But we do NOT love the small tray.  When you add food, bowls and plates and there is simply not much room left for the cup.  It ends up in the corner of the tray and before you know, the slightest knock or wobble means that cup ends up dripping water on the floor on in the middle of the food. 

Over and over again.

Our unique patented cup holder designed to fit the IKEA Antilop, Target Snacka, Kmart Prandium and Big W Uno high chairs will free up the tray whilst still allowing your child to access the drink bottle when they need it. 

With its lowered centre of gravity and high side walls, it can be knocked around by those children that are highchair rock-n-rollers or those that are all arms and elbows and it will stay put, leaving you more time to eat your own meal without interruption. 

Just lift the tray, place in position and close the tray.  Installation is THAT easy.

* Can be installed on either side of the highchair

* Suits most child sippy cups and bottles - with and without handles

* Made from PP plastic

* Easy to install and remove.

* Easy clean.  Top rack dishwasher safe

* Does not damage the chair.  No screws, glues or clamps required to install.

* Australia and International Patent Pending

* Requires tray to be used on highchair

  ***   UPDATE (SEPT 2020) for TARGET SNACKA CHAIRS   *** 

A recent manufacturer modification has resulted in changes to the Target Snacka highchair tray design which prevents the cup holder from installing without some user modifications.  

Please check HERE for further information on whether your Target highchair is affected.

Step 1. Lift the tray up off the chair base.    
Step 2. Hang the cup holder on the chair sidewall on the left or right hand side.   


We recommend placing the cup holder just behind the front leg.

Line up the  cup holder with the indent on the seat for the best position and support. 


Step 3.
 Close the tray.  Ensure the tray clicks back into place securely.

We recommend checking the locking clips underneath the tray to ensure they have latched onto the seat. 

The locking clip closest to the cup holder may need to be squeezed shut with your fingers to ensure it latches as best as possible. 


Examples of tray locking clips with cup holders installed are shown below:



It is important to note the tray locking clips are only designed to keep the tray on the chair. 

The Kmart Prandium highchair tray is secured by only two locking clips in the middle (versus the IKEA/Target/Big W chairs which have four). If the one locking clip nearest the cup holder does not latch under the seat fully this should not impact on the tray staying securely on the seat during normal use.

WARNING: Do not lift the chair by the tray with the child seated in it. 

Plastic is pliable, and these small clips holding the tray may give way regardless of whether a cup holder is installed or not.  Move the chair by the seat "handles" under the U-shaped sides of the chair base.

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